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Electronical Reeds, Schirmchendrink

Deeligent Soul

Electronical Reeds, Supremus Records

Felix Cage

Electronical Reeds, Katermukke


Supremus Records


Souvenir Music, Get Physical


Electronical Reeds, Play Label

Electronical Reeds

Label Night

Supremus Records

Label Night

Tour Dates

June 17

Jun. 25th
Felix Cage @ Piknik, Cambre (Brussels, Belgium)

July 17

Jul. 7th
Giom @ Barwest (Sacramento, United States)
Jul. 8th
Souldust @ Baltus Beach Festival, Baltus Beach (La Roche, Belgium)
Jul. 8th
O.D.Math @ Baltus Beach Festival, Baltus Beach (La Roche, Belgium)
Jul. 14th
Giom @ Milk Bar (Denver, United States)
Jul. 20th
Giom @ Warp Academy (Victoria, Canada)
Jul. 20th
O.D.Math @ AFTER, Barrio (Brussels, Belgium)
Jul. 20th
Souldust @ AFTER, Barrio (Brussels, Belgium)

August 17

Aug. 19th
Giom @ MUAK, Red Gallery (London, United Kingdom)
Aug. 26th
O.D.Math @ Private Event, La Vallée (Brussels, Belgium)

September 17

Sep. 2nd
Felix Cage @ Berliner Boat Party feat. Electronical Reeds, Boat on Spree (Berlin, Germany)
Sep. 2nd
O.D.Math @ Berliner Boat Party feat. Electronical Reeds, Boat on Spree (Berlin, Germany)

October 17


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Some words about us

  • Who we are?

    Our team

    Huru Booking is an underground electronic music booking agency. Our team is composed of experienced professionals in artist booking, label management, events, media and sound engineering.

  • What we do?

    Our mission

    Our mission is to make sure the right artist plays the right venue. This is achieved by closely working with both artists and promoters with a long term vision.

  • Artist Development

    Our daily commitment

    The synergy of our team allows us not only to have the right artist at the right venue but also to work with our roster on their artistic career. We assist our artists with professional short and long term decisions as well as day-to-day matters that will positively influence their overall development.

  • Partnership

    Our network

    The art of good business is to be a good middleman. Constantly expanding our partner network we are already working closely with a series of booking agencies, labels and venues across Europe and beyond that allows us to successfully fulfill our mission.

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